28 February 2009

small updates on the Nick 3d project..

HI! Today it is my Drink & Draw day so I will not have time to work as much as I want on it but I did a lot yesterday. Right now the shoulders pad and the neck armor part are textured and I work a lot the material so it look real. It is the main goal I attempt to achieve here. I want it to look real and not a cartoon. At the beginning I draw by myself some of the detail and color it with flat color in photoshop but it give that cartoon look that I didn't wanted. So I dig in my cg textures bank and found nice metal material.

The ligthing is a basic three point light that I will optimize but I think it already look cool on the character. So Next step is the arms and than I will finish by the boots. They are complexe so it would take some times too. I so much want him finish by next week. It been too much time am on it including all the head process.

So that's all for today! Have a nice week-end everybody!

ps: Just click on the picture to see a full size one!

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