12 February 2009

nick 3d wip

This is the latest update of my character that I'm currently working on. Now you see the body is mostly done except for the hand that I'm modelling now. I hate do hands. Usually I use the same hand and reuse it everywhere :OP. It seems lazy but it is something that we do in industries. I mean re-utilize what we can re-utilize to save time and money. But this time the old hands that Ive got was for a low poly character and modelled with a lot of Triangle which is not bad for video games but smooth not very well if you do High resolution model.

Ive put some color and material as well as you can see. They are not definite and are just mix map material so no UV yet and I want to do them because I so much love to do UV's!! This is totally irony here... I'm not to sure about the color maybe anyone got feedback on it? when the hands will be finish I will unwrap it, then Ill go in Z brush to make the normal maps. So stay tune for more development to comes!

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