5 February 2009

what constitue a good 3d Demo reel

Hi! So let begin today by showing you my first demo reel done back in falls 2006 for my 2d3d animation class. Now that we are in 2009....3 yearssssssss after!!!!! lol I'm getting old... I can now look back at it and have some constructive critics and comments.

First of all,,, the music... The music is somehow critical but not to critical in a way. In this case this is a really slow and soft song by Massive attacks : ''teardrop'' . I think this is the kind of song that someone might want to use. Why? because it is slow and soft!! Lol OK let get serious...

When you put music on a demo reel you don't want it to be aggressive, attractive and to distracting in comparison of your content. If the song is the new hit parade song it may distract the employer. If it is to aggressive they might want to stop even before starting to watch it or finish it. If its that the case and one of your better piece is at the end your screw. At the opposed I'm not too sure with too heavy classic song to,,, you know the one like Beethoven or Wagner Valkyries... Heavy metal.... mmm not really I'm a big fan but that may be too much... techno.... that may do but depend on the song and on the rhythm of your demo... Some demo of animation do well with techno song. I have a friend of mine who done it and it happen to be a nice and paced demo. The rhythm in the music and the demo is really crucial... it kinda give a better impression when the timing between the beat and the switch of image are in sync.
You remember in the beginning when I said that it is crucial in a way and not in another?? I recall have been called for a interview in a company for a modelling job. They ask me to sit at the table and then the two employers start my demo reel before my eyes. Needless to say my face was becoming red. I think it was one of my first interview for a 3d job... SO they start my demo reel and then mute the song of before even it start! So good for me who was proud of his choice of song..... They just want to see the model that I've done... The conclusion.... I guess it depend on the employers, but try not makes them throw your demo reel in the basket before that they even see if you suck or not.... :OP

So this is it for today's post.... I planned to talk about all the facets of a good demo reel in the same article but I realized it would be too much long. So Stay tune for tomorrow where I will talk about the length and what should be included in a demo reel! :O)

Sam The 3d Blogger

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