11 February 2009

Nick 3d wip

Today I will do modelling for most of the day. My last article yesterday took my juice off!:OP way to much long and beside I want to show you a little about my skills too here on that blog and put some 3d graphics content to lighten it a bit. So remember Ive post a picture of a head in one of the article down there. I'm currently working on that project right now. Originally I wanted to keep it secret until it was finish but Ive decided to show you some screenshot of the evolution of the project so far.

<---- So this is the original concept. It is so c
ool!! It is from my friend Tsib. He is a really good 2d artist. He currently work at Frima Studio (frimastudio.com). From now Ive got the head pretty much done exept for the eyes that im not too sure about and maybe Ill do it smile in zbrush because now it doesnt smile it is jsut his poker face :OP Ill show you now what Ive done.

So basically as I got only one picture of the character and not totally from the front I use this technique to understand the flow of the body a
nd the proportions of it. It is similar to the technique when you are drawing a character and begin jsut by adding circle and square just to know where you are going with it befor starting to add a lot of details.

As Im speaking I have the boots done and have begin to do the pants. I always prefer to start with the feet whenever I modelled a character. I think it is because it is the foundation the base of the character and it will influence all the rest of the body structure. Also it have some mesh benefit in this technique. Usually I like to have 6 or 8 sided legs so they can be nice and rounder. I start with a cylinder with the amount of side needed than I do the tip of the foot and rise to the knee and than the hips and finally the root. In this way the root usually connect in a nice way. Than the torso will count 16 side and the arms will be able to divide by 8 side too. In this way you should have nice loops all around the body and no triangle.

here a close-up of the face. It is what the face look in zbrush ----->

So hope you enjoy it, if you got any comments or crits or question to ask just put a comment down there. Come see often to see the evolution.

Sam The 3d Blogger


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