13 February 2009

How to behave in a 3d school.

Hi! Today I wake up to much early due to a cold... it is so annoying. Since I have already check all my other stuff Ive decided to write my article this soon. As the title say I will talk you about how to behave in a 3d school or 3d graphics school. Ive already talk about how to do a good demo reel but I figure out that I should have start by the beginning :OP

So you read my last article yesterday about the top ten 3d art graphics school and you found The school you want to attempt to. Than you take the entry interview, some ask you to show them some of your previous art and portfolio and they liked what they have seen. Finally you succeed and you became a fully acknowledge 3d student. How cool! It is the best thing have done in my life so far since I begin kung fu this falls!

But now you got to go every day to that school and interact with other students. The first thing that you will realize, is that nobody is the same. Some have big ears, others long hair even some with big mouth! More in a deeply way you will realize that some are very talented or skilled and other less skilled. Some are very motivated and other doesn't seem to know why they are there. Some are better at modelling environment and other at character modelling. Some even are better at animation and other mostly girl prefer to textured :OP! Just kidding I know a lot of guy who like the texturing process including myself he he. But you know what? It take everything to make a world and it is okay. After all its all about yourself taking a 3d class that will maybe change your life.

The tricky part is that you are not an isolated island. You got to interact with other students and teachers even if you don't really get well along them. Remember the lotto ads in TV telling that you must always be kind with your friends, colleague etc because they may become the next big winners? It is kind of the same phenomenon here. You should always take in mind that the people who take the class with you are gonna be your next colleague in a video games company or would be the person to hire you. Maybe your teacher gonna be your next boss too. So this is always important to well behave in your classroom and computer labs. Further that you should always be in good term with your colleague even out of the school and in social events.

What if you are a genius at what you do or specialize but you don't give a F%*$ about helping other people or be a good team player or just don't want to socialize whit anybody at lunch time and breaks? You may be feeling good about it but chances are that you begin too be reject by the people surround by you. OK lets say that you are cold hearted and that doesn't make you blink an eye. Other will not just reject you they will not want to work with you anymore even if you are good, because you got a bad attitude. This is all the point here. A good attitude lead to be include in a good social network and to have good relationship. In the world that we're living social networking it is the most important things to have if someone want to be successful in his life and in business and work.

What if you are good but always picking on others or annoying or bullying others regarding their works and their personality in the classroom? You may say that it is no big deal since it is just in the school, that in a real job you will be a fine person. Maybe you are right but if the people hiring you is your teacher or a friend of it? Don't you think they will not talk each other about you, about how you behave in classroom? If you are always making trouble in the class maybe he will be less incline to speak well about you behaviors. Than the employers ask if you are a good team worker... oh oh I think you are done now. In fact are you a good team player is one of the question that they always ask in interviews. How do you get along with each other? Do you like to work in team? You may be a real genius in your field but video games industries and 3d art in general is all about team work. Why so? Because the project are so time consuming and laborious that is not possible anymore to do a video game in your basement like in the late eightieths or nineties.

Let me tell you a personal story here. When Ive done my 2d3d animation class in 2006, it have a girl in my class that didn't get along well with the other guys. I must say that in our class at this time they only have two girl, 3d was not really popular whit girl at this time since they are not naturally inclined to love video games but thing are changing now for the better! It is cool to work with girl and not only boys... She was always criticizing the other student, the classroom, the teachers. In team work she was very intransigent and hard with others. When we went out for lunch time each time she will say no telling that we were gonna eat crap. In fact that was true :OP. When we were out to cocktails she didn't want to come with us complaining that we were not mature and stupids... Than we slowly stop talking to her. When the teacher need some student to welcome one day visitors he will not asking her. Strangely she was not the first to be place in a company. Even in interview she seems to be picky with her future employers. We were told that one day she was in a interview for a job and then at this job they work with photoshop for 2d and 3d illustration. Beside showing a good positive attitude and telling them that it will do fine she told them that she prefer open canvas and that they should work with it. Guess what? The tell her that they should not work with her :OP

However she was an intelligent girl and she eventually realize that she should put water in her wine. But the bad was done. She got a bad reputation for a long time. One day I was in a company with two other guys who were in the same class as me and with the girl. Than the boss put a job offer and she found about it. She than contact us to ask us if we could talk in good ways for her to our bosses. I'm not a bad person and she was with no job a longtime after we finish the class and I was willing to tell a good word about her skill to the bosses. But I was less inclined to speak about how well she work in teams and that she would be a good member of our team. My two friend didn't want to work with her as well even knowing that she was good. In fact she was the most skilled in our groups.

Lets talk about me a little to finish quickly. In school I was always funny with everybody, was skilled in a sens but a hard worker for the most. Students were always seeing me stay late in the evening even after the class was done to work on my project. The result were there I always have cool things to show and good grades. They were free labs period were we could come and works with the school computer and I was often the only one to be there. The teachers than come by to see if anyone were working or to close the labs and they will see me each time sit a the same computer working over and over again. OK I'm not telling you that just to be show off. The point is that a was a good student like by most of the people except the jealous one who tough that I was getting privilege or not doing alone my stuff... So when the teacher need someone to welcome new visitor who he ask first?? You bet myself! The first job I get in the industry was as computer lab supervisor at the same school I was. The teacher already know that I was motivated and good in a lot of field and tough that I will be the best person to do the job. At this time the girl I was talking about was jealous because she knew that she was better than me... she even complain that the job was not post on any forum or job hiring website. Now talk about good connection, good contact and good relationship!

The first job I got in a video games studio was by contact. One of my friend I meet at the college work for that company. One day his boss told him that they will need a lot of 3d artist. He than contact the college. My teacher who was my boss at this time told me the jobs offer. I contact my friend and give him the link to my blog portfolio and ask him to take a look and if he like it to show it to his boss. The next is history, since he know that I was a good guy and that I love to work in 3d he was glad to introduce myself to his bosses and have good word for me...

To finish it, my ancient teacher and supervisor of the 3d department at the college often ask for ancient student to come give class to new students. It is how the wheel turn. So remember to always have good behaviors with your peer, in class and to be a hard worker. Respect that and you will mostly doing well in the industry!

Sam The 3d Blogger

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3L3(TR0(h3M!(@LY B0ND3D said...

wow man, that helped alot, I always felt some weird feelings when I saw other people doing the same kind of work I am doing, then I thought that if they are doing the same thing, then how am I different? Because I always wanted to be different :(
The people around me made me the way I think I am because they act the same, if you don't get dirty minded and play games, then you won't make it, that is what I felt till now, perhaps I was wrong, I will implement the attitude which I thought I should as you said :D
Thanx again :)