26 February 2009

A Quick Post

Just a little post here to talk you about my new amazon shop call ''Sam The 3d Blogger aShop '' you can directly go in by this link:


or just see beside this post at the top right of the blog the links and a carousel of some of the featured products. You can also scroll down to the bottom to see the my favorite square in which I briefly describe some good product for beginners in 3d. Ive select cheap item because we do not have a lot of money to spend when we begin.

Ive put in my brand new aShop a selection of some of the most well known and best quoted Book and DVD about 3d arts, animation and video games. In example you could see the famous Richards Williams ''Animator's survival kit'' a must have book for wanna be animators as well as seasoned ones.

So feel free to check. I will update it regularly. It is
an amazon affiliate aShop so there is no fear to have. It works like amazon do usually with shopping cart and their payment system.

Mike Alexander Newel one of the creator and moderator of the facebook forum ''3D world- the magazine for 3d artists'' which is affiliate with the ''3dworld'' magazine, just sent me by mail some picture of what will be the new Pixar film ''UP''. The render looks cool even thought it is difficult to overcome ''Wall-E'' who just win the Oscar for the best animation picture this week.

Take a look!

Sam The 3d Blogger

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