16 February 2009

3ds max or Maya?

Oh my ! This weekend was cool but I was not in my best shape at all! I was not feeling good and yesterday I pass it on the couch watching TV and drinking hot water with lemon. So I dd int work on the Nick 3d project as I planned to do. But the base mesh modelling is pretty much done I think I gonna start to unwrap the UV's this afternoon, but I'm not to exiting about it. I hate unwrapping. Usually I only do planar or automatic mapping and use mix map material. I think it work well for me but you cannot really use it for character... Here is a example of what this technique can do.

If you have seen my portfolio blog you may have already seen it. Believe it or not, It have few UV's that have been properly unwrap in this picture. About 98% of the modeling are planar mapping or automatic or face camera mapping. It is possible to achieve nice result even if it suck at some place... Like in the roof, but I could easily fix that.

The way it works is that you put your base texture and you try to fit the UV proportionally with the tiling. Obviously you want the texture to be proportional to the object. In example in the roof I wanted about one feet wide planks so I scale the UV's so it fit what I needed. Then in the diffuse slot you use a mix as modifier. If you are in 3ds max like in my case you will have a black rectangle and a white one. One will be your first texture and the other a second texture that you will put on the first with a mask.

Concretely in this picture it is what Ive done with the white wall. I first put a cement or plaster texture, than I organized the UV's the best way possible until it look good. After that I use a second texture to add some dirt on the wall, but remember you got to have an opacity mask. It is like in Photoshop, its a image file in black and white. The black will not be affect and the white will affect the result. So what it do its that in my first slot I got the plaster diffuse and the second I got a dirt texture and I got a mask. Where the mask is black the plaster texture will be show and where there is the white the dirt will be visible. You could also place a 50% grey image and it should make a multiplier effect on the resulting diffuse.

What is cool with that technique its that you could organize the UV's according each level of texture or mask as well. The first texture could have is own UV's set and then the second texture have UV on a second channel than the mask is on a third channel and all UV could be completely different. And you could add as much level of mask and texture as you want or you need to achieve what you want. This way you could do awesome materials for your scene, taking in account that you still have the other material option to use as the normal map the bump map, the specular etc... In this picture It was the first time that I was trying to do grass and I definitely use this technique and I love the result. it is like a game you try everything you think will do well until it look cool. In fact it is what I like the most in the 3d process, texturing and ligthing when all start to looking great!

As I have said I primary work only in 3ds max now and zbrush for normal map, but you could use the same technique with Maya but I think it is a little bit more complicated to connect all channel material.

3ds max
or Maya software?? Which one you think is the better 3d software? Which one do you prefer? I want some interaction on my blog he he. I want fight! And please tell us why you like one more than the other that will be good!

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Dominik said...

I've already worked with both packages.... but I've chosem Maya over 3DsMax in the end. I really like the professional-styled aproach. Its much less colorful within the different panels than 3dsMax. But the main thing I like in Maya is the feeling, that you are really "inside" the software - if you ever used the Spacebar- commands in Maya you'll know what I mean.

Doug Springer said...

Back a few years ago I was learning on 3DS Max and there was a lot of discussion that Maya was what all the movie studios used. Since then whenever I watch "making of" featurettes on the DVDs they all seem to be using Maya. I want to use the software that the pros use. Also, after you get used to the Maya interface, it gets you to where you want to go quicker.

If I were designing games, then maybe I'd use Max.

Hi! Im Sam :O) said...

Formerly Ive lear Maya at first and I remember that I like the way the panel were organized according to each type of modification or operation you want to do depending on wich kind of 3d object... The first time I get to 3ds max I was so confuse juste by the make editable poly buttons!!:OP Thanks man you were my first commentator!

Hi! Im Sam :O) said...

here in Quebec the video games industry primary work with 3ds max, but I think it is not the same everywhere...

Doug Springer said...

Yes, from what I've heard, max is used primarily for video games. A local gaming house, Vicarious Visions, uses max. Not sure why. Better programming environment maybe?

Since I'm not interested in getting into the gaming industry, I'm sticking to Maya. Sadly though, I think it would be easier to get a job with the gaming industry than it would animation. I may have to go the gaming direction just to break into the 3D field.

Hi! Im Sam :O) said...

Yeah In general it is easyer to get a job in video games but In both field now you got to be good so you may have 50/50 chances in both domain...

Hi! Im Sam :O) said...

3ds max was way cheaper to buy, it is why a lot of companies use it. In a personnal point of view I think it have way much good tutorial on the net for 3ds max,,, in maya I was never able to find anything :OP