11 February 2009

Seven tips for a Successful Interview

HI! As we have speak in the last days about how to constitute a good demo reel to please the eventual employers we also touch a little about how well present yourself as well as how to well present your 3d demo reel. So Ive found this nice little article about tips for a successful interview! It kinda resume what I was talking. Enjoy!

Tips for a Successful Interview

Author: Steve McMains

People often get nervous in the name of job interview.It does not make any sense.Interviews might seem tough but they can be made enjoyable with the right approach. An interview is a good opportunity for both the employer and the employee to judge each other.While you go for an interview remember that the employer not only looks for your academic background and your skill but the qualities that are needed for the vacant post.

Whether it is an individual interview or a group discussion try to highlight the qualities within you that will help you to stand out in the crowd.Take time to greet and answer the questions with honesty,confidence and enthusiasm.Don't be afraid. It is your chance to prove yourself so make the most of it with a few simple tips.

Dress Properly

Before going for an interview be well prepared and remember the basic things.First of all you should be dressed properly. Your look matters a lot as far as first impression is concerned.Always wear a formal dress while going for an interview. Your dress should be clean and ironed and your shoes should be polished.

Carry Several Resumes

Spend much time over resume writing as it creates the first impression.Go through the ad thoroughly and write the resume according to the requirements.When you go for an interview never forget to carry the hard copy of your resume.Always carry more than one resumes because you don't know how many rounds will be there.You might need to submit your resume more than ones.

Reach Early

If your interview time is 10 am you should reach the office at 9:50 am.You should always arrive at the interview venue 10 minutes early.It will create a good impression and show that you are punctual.It is unnecessary to say that punctuality is a quality that every organization looks for in its employees.

Know About the Company

Many of the candidates go for the interview without knowing anything about the company.This is a wrong approach.You should research about the company before the interview.Ask relevant questions to show that you show that you know the business,target market,clients,objectives and goals of the company.

Body Language

During an interview the employer not only judges your skills and capabilities but also your body language and attitude. He/she will see whether you can also contribute to the cultural environment of the company.So sit with a smiling face and your arms and legs uncrossed.Make eye contact and listen carefully what the interviewer is saying.

Ask About the Company Benefits

You don't need to hesitate to ask about the benefits offered by the company.However ask about the salary and other facilities at the end.After all you are not going to do social service.

Close the Interview with a Positive Note

Close the interview very strongly.End it with a firm handshake.Don't forget to get a business card of the employer to send him/her a thank you note.You should also let him/her know that it was a good experience for you.Your positive attitude will surely leave a good impression.

You have as much power as the employer.Believe in yourself.Follow these tips and you will find preparing for a job interview is not that tough.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/interviews-articles/tips-for-a-successful-interview-765717.html

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