6 February 2009

Having a good attitude in a job interview the Key to the succes

Hi following up what I was talking sooner today, I found this great article telling about what attitude to have in a job interview! Im just posting it because it kinda give legitimity to what I spoke about earlier. Enjoy it!

During my experiences in Big 4 recruiting I noticed a pretty unbelievable trend. Many of the candidates entered meet-and-greets and interviews with a very poor attitude. The target varied, but the attitude was the same. Candidates displayed negativity towards their professors (making excuses for only averages grades), their peers (complaining about classmates) and even themselves (using self-deprecating humor). While this is not as common during actual interviews, it is something that is seem frequently in the informal interactions with the Big 4. The Big 4 staff routinely send first or second year staff that are alumni of the school to participate in campus recruiting activities. These people are often only one or two years older than some of the students being interviewed. As such, informal conversations invariably strike up between Big 4 staff and candidates about professors, classes, etc. Be warned, this is a very slippery slope! While these conversations can seem harmless, YOU ARE BEING JUDGED ! It is the job of the first/second year staff to report their opinion of each candidate to the senior recruiters. Anything you say to them can and WILL be used against you. The Big 4 are looking for someone that is positive and polite. Any complaints, insults, or otherwise negative words, even in a harmless manner can significantly hurt your chances of getting hired. It is not an understatement to say that it can even prevent an otherwise perfect candidate from receiving an offer. Consider yourself warned!! For more information, please visit http://www.big4guru.com

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/interviews-articles/interviewing-101-the-one-thing-that-could-make-or-break-you-758122.html

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