14 February 2009

Happy Valtentine's Day!

Today as I'm not feeling so good due to a cold and not in the mood for writing big article, Ive decide to post you an old work that Ive done for a game last year. It is a Cupid or Cupidon like we say in french. It was on my old usb key and I saw other character for the game, that Ive done in the past but didn't post on my portfolio so far. Today I feel like showing them to the rest of the world! Enjoy!
The famous Cupid! I think it was about 1200 polygons. Model in 3ds max for the game Cakemania Wii. The wire frame are not too bad but not the cleanest that Ive seen.

There is a sumo from the same game. About the same number of polygons. I found it funny. It take me only 2hour to model and it came out good. At the beginning the eye were model but we put them out because of artistic and technical reason. In the final they were draw on the texture.
And the last one less cuter then the first! This is an attempt at Wolverine. Ive done it completely with zsphere in Zbrush. I kinda love the proportion and the shape. Don't know why I dd int finish it. Maybe I was planning to redo it in a better way. Oh yeah now I remember... I think it is because I want him to have modelled finger and open hands!

So this is what take a end to this Valentine's day! Hope tomorrow I will have some update on the 3d nick project to show you. If you have any question about how the model were done or technical question feel free to ask!

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