4 February 2009

First post. A first word from the 3d blogger!

Hello everyone here who happen to pass on my new blog! Hope to see you often here. Let me introduce myself.... im a man of wealth and taste!! No seriously I am Sam! Yes like the Sean Penn movie hehe.

So this is it Im inaugurating my new blog about whatever is related to 3d arts. Ive work a little in a compagnie who use to do game for little girl. Unfortunately the studio close his doors so I will not tell the name of it. It was not the kind of game very exiting to do and gratifient but we use to learn a lot.

Rigth now Im in search of a job in the field and try to become a successful freelancer. Im working mainly now on my portfolio which is hosted on another blog. Ive put the links in the useful links on the sidebar if anyone want to hire me or just see how im doing well in 3d! :OP As some could see my primary language is not english so its why in part I will working now on that new blog totally in english! Please dont be to harsh on my writing skill hehe.

Im not a pro so this is why I call my blog the ''The number one blog for 3d art's passionates and noobies!'' 3d is one of my greatest passion next to kung fu and beside not being totally a noob I have some clues and skills in the field. I have also good friend who works too and that are good at what they do so hopefully I could manage to get some article from them on subject I dont know to much about as rigging... Ive learn maya from the start at the college where I took my 2d3d animation class, but right now I prefer 3dsmax. I have also some good skill with zbrush who could be from some help for many beginners. Maybe Ill do a series of article on that as many friends of mine want me to show them some of my tricks!

So this is about the way it gonna be here.. I plan to post some of my previous work here and explain a little how I done it. I will try to find free tutorial here and there to post here so the blog could become a useful place for newbies and veteran of 3d arts. I want to create a little communauty for 3d artist... I m also open if some want to share with me their knowledge and show their art. I will also post everything I think its useful and related in a ways to 3d.

So nice to meet you! Hope to see some action here and long live to this blog!

Sam the 3d blogger!

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