7 February 2009

Ok not to much time today to post a big article....

so I decided to show you the last work I'm on. Its the head for a new character who was design by the same guy who I got the reference for the face! :OP Ive done that because my friend is a really good 2d artist and he often put his face on the sketch is doing. I found it quiet funny and beside the concept was really cool. By now I only work on the head and face, but I'm not to happy of the eyes... I plan begin tonight or tomorrow the body. I actually done a lot of test for the skin shader so it is what it took me longer than I tough. I have made the base mesh in 3ds max 9 and refine it in zbrush and done the normal map in zbrush to. Did I already said that I love zbrush!!! I plan to do article about that wonderful apps so stay tune! When the character will be done, ill do an article too about the whole process.

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