11 June 2011

Ready for adventure...

There is no ages for adventure..

Completely done in zbrush4, composited in photoshop.

11 April 2011

Steampunk worker

Hi this is my last work, it is a steampunk work who use a giant mecanised screwdriver.
Dobne in zbrush and 3dsmax. Composited in photoshop.

25 February 2011


Hi to pratice anatomy modelling and specially face modelling I use myself as references. Done in zbrush 4 and composited in photoshop. All my friend told me it look like me except maybe for the left eyes...

3 February 2011

My latest work, done it with the new zsketch zsphere in Zbrush 4. Rendered in Zbrush and composited in photoshop.

27 January 2011


Hi this is the latest thing that ive done with my new pc. Just for fun took me about 2hour modelling texture and compositing.