28 February 2009

small updates on the Nick 3d project..

HI! Today it is my Drink & Draw day so I will not have time to work as much as I want on it but I did a lot yesterday. Right now the shoulders pad and the neck armor part are textured and I work a lot the material so it look real. It is the main goal I attempt to achieve here. I want it to look real and not a cartoon. At the beginning I draw by myself some of the detail and color it with flat color in photoshop but it give that cartoon look that I didn't wanted. So I dig in my cg textures bank and found nice metal material.

The ligthing is a basic three point light that I will optimize but I think it already look cool on the character. So Next step is the arms and than I will finish by the boots. They are complexe so it would take some times too. I so much want him finish by next week. It been too much time am on it including all the head process.

So that's all for today! Have a nice week-end everybody!

ps: Just click on the picture to see a full size one!

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26 February 2009

A Quick Post

Just a little post here to talk you about my new amazon shop call ''Sam The 3d Blogger aShop '' you can directly go in by this link:


or just see beside this post at the top right of the blog the links and a carousel of some of the featured products. You can also scroll down to the bottom to see the my favorite square in which I briefly describe some good product for beginners in 3d. Ive select cheap item because we do not have a lot of money to spend when we begin.

Ive put in my brand new aShop a selection of some of the most well known and best quoted Book and DVD about 3d arts, animation and video games. In example you could see the famous Richards Williams ''Animator's survival kit'' a must have book for wanna be animators as well as seasoned ones.

So feel free to check. I will update it regularly. It is
an amazon affiliate aShop so there is no fear to have. It works like amazon do usually with shopping cart and their payment system.

Mike Alexander Newel one of the creator and moderator of the facebook forum ''3D world- the magazine for 3d artists'' which is affiliate with the ''3dworld'' magazine, just sent me by mail some picture of what will be the new Pixar film ''UP''. The render looks cool even thought it is difficult to overcome ''Wall-E'' who just win the Oscar for the best animation picture this week.

Take a look!

Sam The 3d Blogger

Update on the Nick 3d Project

Hi Yesterday I didn't post because I was very busy working on the texture for my character. It is going fine in my opinion. It took me awhile to figure out which color use and what should be the concept for it as the original sketch is monochrome. At first I wanted him to have a more retro look and style with light color but it turn out more dark and aggressive but kinda cool. I have mainly work on the torso yet and on the legs. The arms should not take to longer to texture as I know now which color and how to do to texture them.

Just click on the image if you want to see it full size.

I use photo reference for the most part of the texture. Then I overlay the cavity map and the normal map generate by zbrush on the top of the colored layer. But in top of that I also put the normal map and the cavity map in the bump map slot. When I put it in multiply in the color map it give more a sens of volume and light that you don't have to draw by yourself necessary. Also It give along with the UV map indications where the details of the sculpt

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24 February 2009

Sad stories

Hi fellow Blogger!

Today I would like to talk about something that make me kinda sad... Remember a couple of weeks ago Ive wrote a series of article about what to put and what not to put on a proper demo reel for a 3d artist? Ive also done an article about how to behave in a 3d classroom. If you didn't read it before just go down right to the blog archives section and you will find them there.

I want to talk about it because I receive news in the last days about two of my former classmate back in the times. Both of them sadly never got the chance to work in the industries, video game or movies. They were both talented and dedicated student so why do they never get to work in the field? This was a question I ask myself and speak with other colleague and friend in front of a beer.

In fact one of them was my co-locator last year and I saw him work on his animation almost everyday. The other use to send me his stuff so I can help him or give him a good advice. I even get to his home to show him some of the coolest stuff to know in Zbrush and in 3ds max.

What make me sad the most is that the one I help with Zbrush was as good as me at school and was very brilliant and a quick learner, which I never be. I heard that he give up. After three years of hardworking he is giving up his dream of working in a video game company as a 3d artist. The one who were my co-locator and a close friend as not giving up yet and stay focus on his dream to become a 3d animator but still he is struggling to achieving it.

OK So I'm asking myself what makes good guys and good artists to never had the chance to work in the field...? I'm figuring that I must do little research and investigate it. Of course it have social and economical reason to it. In example my ex co-locator just had about a month ago an interview for a job as a 3d artist for a local TV network but due to the slowing economy they finally decided to resign the assignment. The other never get more than two interview in three years... Company always answering him that they will contact him when they will have new position to fill up.

But at the other side I had a couple of interview in three years and I had two job in the field and I know other former classmate who were successful in finding a job in the industry.

It all lead me to think about the fact that why do they not having a lot of interview which should resulting in obtaining the jobs? I may seem to repeat myself but where I'm going is that maybe their demo reel is not enough efficient. Because as said in a previous article, a demo reel is the contact
card you give to employers. Having figured it out, I ask my two friend to show me what they were sending to potential employers.

When I saw their demo reel I knew it was the problem right away. They obviously didn't had read my article before :OP I'm just kidding, but I'm serious at the same times. Obviously I didn't have a blog back in the day so they could not have read it before, but they had the same teachers as me so no excuses! In fact they have a lot of mistakes that I've already pinpoint such as bad choice of soundtracks, not really respecting the ''sandwich effect'', the character were not in a nice pose. Both they had mix animation and modelling in the same demo which I'm not to fan of. But the thing that almost make me cry is that their demo reel was almost the same that the first they have done three years ago!

Let me explain myself. If your demo was kicking ass or rocking your sock off it is cool, but chance are that a three years old demo reel is way to dated now. Put you in the place of a employer and you receiving a demo reel labelled 2006 or 2007... Are you jumping all around the place saying wow so cool a vintage demo, I absolutely need this guy?? NO! Or sadder, the employer remember himself to have seen your demo back in time when he was with his ex-wife... Or maybe he was a fan of the song you use at this time but not anymore :OP OK so let be serious. You applying for a jobs as a 3d artist in the same company and for the same job you already applied one year ago. Fine! It is not prohibited in fact it show that you really are interested in that company. However the people who receive the demo remember your reel and realise that you just put one or two new thing in it after one year! They will ask themselves some questions as: Do he have the time to put some new stuff? Is he lazy? Is he really slow so he cannot have enough time to make a brand new demo reel? is he so proud of his stuff he want to show us again even after a year? That stuff was cool back in the time but not anymore.... It also make them think that maybe your not so motivate to work in the field because you didn't put the effort to make a new demo reel. Maybe you are lacking of consistency and do not manage well your time...

S.O.L (slice of life) here :OP. One day a couple years ago I receive an email from a company asking me and other people to send them our demo reel, resume etc.. before the 31 august. Ive done what they said because I wanted the job. Unfortunately they were needing someone with a lot more experience than me but they like my new stuff and ask me to reapply when a new job offer will show. The case happen a month later, but I had only one new thing to show from the previous time. I applied and never got answered back.

A couple of weeks later the college were I took my 3d class was organizing a meeting with people from the industry that work as human resources and recruiters from the leading company here in Quebec city. I was invited even tough Ive already finish my class since eighth months ago. Ive saw the woman I used to communicate and already had an interview with but she seem to be shy or not interested to talk with me. But she was very funny and cool with the graduated students. In fact a lot of the student from this year were hired before having finish their class. I was a little mad and my teacher ask me why . I told him that she didn't seem to be interested in me (professionally :OP) anymore! I didn't know but three or four days later I went to the college to take news and talk to my teacher and he told me that she contact him and when he ask about me she told him that I had not enough new interesting stuff to show. I can tell you I was angry! I was frame by newly graduate kids.

One month ago my stuff were great and now not enough good to be hire! The fact is that the new student jump on the market with brand new and fresh demo reel so this is what caught their eyes before they remember that I was waiting for my time.

The moral of this story is that you should at least always produce new stuff to show even if you are working at a full time job to pay your bills. If you do that and always applying with new stuff than you will begin to stand out of the crowd and they will think that your motivate, you like doing your stuff, you want to work and that you are a hard worker who never fear to rework or surpass him. This is all good positive attitude to have. The kind of attitude that employers like and research in many domain. In fact the first to get a job in my classroom was a guy that after one month the class was finish not finding job yet, decided to quit is new job as a cook in a fast food just to concentrate on building a brand new demo reel. He work alone at his demo reel for a month and came out with a totally new demo that impress the employer. They tell him that they never knew he could came out with so much amazing new stuff in such an amount of time and hire him!

Finally I should add that even when working consistently and updating regularly your demo reel you should not put your first thing in it. In example you don't want to put your first Zbrush head if it sucks! Nor even your first walking cycle... You don't want to apply for a character modelling job if you just have model one character in your entire life and put it in your demo. We got a saying in french about that who basically mean that a good worker or artisan should redo his work at least one hundred times... before he get really good at it.

23 February 2009

normal map done!

Hi! Ive worked on the normal map and cavity map for my Nick 3d Project today. I think it is looking good so far taking in account that it doesn't have texture and real material on it. Tonight after the Kung Fu class I will start the color process but I still don't know yet I to color it... Take a look!

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22 February 2009

Mental Ray Or Vray??

Humm,,, a fellow twitter friend ask me which renderer I use and which one I prefer? Personally I use mental ray and the default scanline renderer in max. I think both could give good result. Take a look at these two image. The first is a mental ray generated image and the second a render done with the default scanline renderer.

Both images are interesting. Some may prefer the mental ray one and other the scanline. Personally I prefer the mental ray one. I think it kinda give that clean and photo realistic look to the picture. I remember when Ive finish this picture people at work prefer the right one (the scanline one) They said the image as more personality to it. I think you can achieve great result in scanline, you can even fake global illumination but it is more difficult to get that pelicular effect as in mental ray. You really got to work the light and the shadows to do it. Here is a picture that I'm proud of entirely done in scanline.
But enough talking about my work. Is v-ray good? Of what I heard it is more easier to get a photo realistic image with v-ray. Some even say it work better and that it is more easy to set a good render than with mental ray. I may not tell it myself but it is the subject to this post. I want to know which renderer you use and why. I'm planning to use v-ray as it have a really good reputation but doesn't it worth the purchase or may I continue with mental ray?

here is a link to a forum on it but I want to hear from you here to get some action! :


a link where you can download a demo version v-ray:


Sam The 3d Blogger

Good Sunday Morning!

Hi everyone! Just a little word to takes everybody who follow me directly or by rss. I'm about to reach the 1000 page impressions since a start this blog. I am pretty happy of it, that show it is beginning to grow! The week-end I'm never to much into 3d arts but this week Ill try to write a good article by day so you can enjoy it more.

Right now on the Nick 3d Project except for little things to correct and the belt to do in zbrush, I'm almost done with the sculpting. Next stage will be to generate the normal map for all the pieces and maybe reexport all the low subdivision in 3ds max if needed. Originally I planned to use the original meshes of 3ds max but I don't know yet if the mesh is not to different now... I should have use the store morph target button. In this way he should have remain the same. What happen with zbrush is that if you subdivide the mesh and you got the smooth button on the way the algorithm works is that it smooth also the first subdivision. The result is that when you came back in example from the 6Th level to the first it kinda smooth the mesh in reverse to... Don't know really why but it is what it do. So Zbrush have now the store morph target...
If any have question on how Ive modelled some details please feel free to ask. Ill may do a small tutorial or video to show how I do it this week.

Here is an other project that Ive done in November 2007. It is a warhammer priest. Ive done it with a reference sketch that Ive found on the warhammeronline site. It is the first model that I heavily use Zbrush to put detail on the mesh. I kinda use the same technique as for the Nick 3d project. I used separated piece so I could put more detail in each one and each pieces have their own texture. Also As I'm not so good at rigging it is easier in this way to put it in a cool stance. However at this time I was using Maya
and my computer doesn't want to generate the render for the character because it was to heavy so I manage to put all the pieces together in Zbrush and do a Zbrush render. Now I'm using 3ds max and the normal map seems to work better and easier in 3ds max for me so I will be able to do a nice render in mental ray.

So that's it for now I may send you some update this afternoon on the Nick 3d project. Stay tune and thanks again for the following!

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20 February 2009

Nick 3D Project is going fine!

Hi everybody! So today I work a lot on the Nick 3d project. I have almost done the zbrush sculpting part. So far I think it looks cool. It is the first time that I use zbrush to add so much detail on a character or object. Usually zbrush would crash but don't know why with this one nothing happen yet so I'm touching woods. Each part are separated sub tools that I will do a normal map and a cavity map of them. The sub tool are approximately 400 000 to 600 000 each so I could put a good amount of details on them. As you can see the left side is not yet sculpted but It is because I'm just gonna duplicate the rigth part and mirror them before exporting them to 3ds max.

It has been awhile since I didn't post anything on the zbrush forum because I
got no time to do zbrush model and I was not so proud of the works done but I think I gonna try with it to see if it got any good feedback. As usual crit's and comment's are welcome here too so don't be shy to post a comment below! I put back the concept here so you can easily see where I'm going. It is not perfectly similar but I had to go with the flow and let myself express in the process.

Sam The 3d Blogger

some update!

As promised! Just took a render view in zbrush of what Ive done so far. I'm getting pretty excited, if I manage to have all the details to get visible in the normal map the final render will be so cool. But so Far it is what Ive done best in Zbrush. I should have take it in way before. Anyway As I'm looking to it I see how I could improve it but I'm so tired now,, I make a mistake I erase what I had done on the arms they were looking cool too.... But it never hurt to restart often you only get better!

Sam The 3d Blogger

19 February 2009

Zbrush at Least! Nick 3d project

Hi! Sorry I didnt put really a lot of stuff since tuesday on the blog but I had the visit of unexpected guess hehe. However I manage to finish all the uv of the Nick 3d character this afternoon. Now Im beginning the Zbrush and normal map phase. Here a render of what the total armor/suite look in Zbrush. Hope to get some more screen shot until tomorow.

18 February 2009

Cake Mania: In The Mix!

Good Morning!

This morning I receive a email from a friend of mine giving me a link to the review of a game we both work on. The game is call ''Cake Mania: In The Mix!'' Maybe you already heard about it if you got young daughter's or nieces. Here is the link to some review of the game:


The grade for the graphics are not excellent but decent. I mainly work on the pre-rendered scene interiors and on the character modelling. The Doctor , the penguin, the sumo, the alien human head etc. Ive done I think 17 character for the games but they are not all still in the game ! :OP Once you get use to modelled character it goes well in fast. Usually I was starting with the same base mesh depending on the morphology of the character. Often it was the Doctor`s mesh that I use.

Sam The 3d Blogger

17 February 2009

Rick Baker the Monster makers!

Ive just tumbled upon the Rick Baker Zbrush Thread. He is doing a wolfman. I think it is done by now but you can watch the evolution at this link:


For those who don't know him is one of the best in the special effects artist in Hollywood and in the world. Now he use zbrush as well as traditional medium to achieve his goal. He is a master in zbrush! For those who like zbrush I strongly recommend you to follow his work.

According to the imdb.net, he was the first recipient for the Oscar for best make-up for the movie
''An American werewolf in London''. I got the DVD of this movie, this is so cool. The transformation of the hero in a wolf sequence is truly spectacular!

Here a list of the most famous movies he work for:

  • The Wolf Man (2009) (post-production) (special makeup effects)
  • X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) (special makeup effects consultant)
  • The Ring Two (2005) (special makeup effects artist)
  • Cursed (2005) (special makeup effects artist) (special makeup effects creator) (special makeup effects designer)
  • Hellboy (2004) (special makeup effects artist)
  • Planet of the Apes (2001) (makeup artist) (special makeup effects designer and creator)
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) (special makeup effects)
  • Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000) (special makeup effects)
  • The Frighteners (1996) (special makeup artist: The Judge)
  • Batman Forever (1995) (special makeup designer and creator)
  • Wolf (1994) (special makeup effects)
  • Harry and the Hendersons (1987) (makeup artist)
  • Thriller (1983) (V) (special makeup effects creator) (special makeup effects design)
  • The Howling (1981) (special makeup effects consultant)

As you can see he work on a lot of werewolf and beast-man movies! He also love gorillas. Here is a link to an interview with Rick Baker for Zbrush.

Sam The 3d Blogger

How to use zsphere in Zbrush to do a cute and scary little character!

Hi this morning I didn't know what to talk about as I have no upgrade to show on the infamous Nick 3d project except dull UV unwrap... which are not even finish yet. I have to kick my butt to do it this afternoon :OP

So I take a look to my portfolio blog and came across this little fella that I did in February 2007. So this is two years ago. Ive done it in zbrush 2 at this time. Have done it near the Valentine's Day and I wanted to do a cute little character to give to a girlfriend but it turn up a little weird :OP

This little rabitosaurus like I call it is entirely done in zbrush 2 with zsphere. The materials and the render are from zbrush too. At this time I was experimenting with the power of rendering within zbrush because I didn't know how to do normal map yet.
Now that I know it kinda give me an idea... I could redo something the same but with normal map and fast skin shader. It could be very cool.

When I saw it Ive said to myself that I could do a little tutorial to explain a little bit about the zsphere, one of the most powerful tool of zbrush. When Ive open my zbrush I saw a button name movie. In this panel you could create turntable which I already know and you can record yourself too so you can make little tutorial :OP.

So this is a little movie showing how to model with zsphere. Don't know why it is so fast.... It is not me who is that fast in modelling... But it is a quicktime movie so I guess you can go frame by frame to see it properly. It is just a little doodle it take me 10 minute to produce. If you like it I could do better stuff in the future. If you got any question on how to do the same according to zsphere or the movie in itself dont be shy and post a comment!

16 February 2009

3ds max or Maya?

Oh my ! This weekend was cool but I was not in my best shape at all! I was not feeling good and yesterday I pass it on the couch watching TV and drinking hot water with lemon. So I dd int work on the Nick 3d project as I planned to do. But the base mesh modelling is pretty much done I think I gonna start to unwrap the UV's this afternoon, but I'm not to exiting about it. I hate unwrapping. Usually I only do planar or automatic mapping and use mix map material. I think it work well for me but you cannot really use it for character... Here is a example of what this technique can do.

If you have seen my portfolio blog you may have already seen it. Believe it or not, It have few UV's that have been properly unwrap in this picture. About 98% of the modeling are planar mapping or automatic or face camera mapping. It is possible to achieve nice result even if it suck at some place... Like in the roof, but I could easily fix that.

The way it works is that you put your base texture and you try to fit the UV proportionally with the tiling. Obviously you want the texture to be proportional to the object. In example in the roof I wanted about one feet wide planks so I scale the UV's so it fit what I needed. Then in the diffuse slot you use a mix as modifier. If you are in 3ds max like in my case you will have a black rectangle and a white one. One will be your first texture and the other a second texture that you will put on the first with a mask.

Concretely in this picture it is what Ive done with the white wall. I first put a cement or plaster texture, than I organized the UV's the best way possible until it look good. After that I use a second texture to add some dirt on the wall, but remember you got to have an opacity mask. It is like in Photoshop, its a image file in black and white. The black will not be affect and the white will affect the result. So what it do its that in my first slot I got the plaster diffuse and the second I got a dirt texture and I got a mask. Where the mask is black the plaster texture will be show and where there is the white the dirt will be visible. You could also place a 50% grey image and it should make a multiplier effect on the resulting diffuse.

What is cool with that technique its that you could organize the UV's according each level of texture or mask as well. The first texture could have is own UV's set and then the second texture have UV on a second channel than the mask is on a third channel and all UV could be completely different. And you could add as much level of mask and texture as you want or you need to achieve what you want. This way you could do awesome materials for your scene, taking in account that you still have the other material option to use as the normal map the bump map, the specular etc... In this picture It was the first time that I was trying to do grass and I definitely use this technique and I love the result. it is like a game you try everything you think will do well until it look cool. In fact it is what I like the most in the 3d process, texturing and ligthing when all start to looking great!

As I have said I primary work only in 3ds max now and zbrush for normal map, but you could use the same technique with Maya but I think it is a little bit more complicated to connect all channel material.

3ds max
or Maya software?? Which one you think is the better 3d software? Which one do you prefer? I want some interaction on my blog he he. I want fight! And please tell us why you like one more than the other that will be good!

Sam The 3d Blogger


14 February 2009

Happy Valtentine's Day!

Today as I'm not feeling so good due to a cold and not in the mood for writing big article, Ive decide to post you an old work that Ive done for a game last year. It is a Cupid or Cupidon like we say in french. It was on my old usb key and I saw other character for the game, that Ive done in the past but didn't post on my portfolio so far. Today I feel like showing them to the rest of the world! Enjoy!
The famous Cupid! I think it was about 1200 polygons. Model in 3ds max for the game Cakemania Wii. The wire frame are not too bad but not the cleanest that Ive seen.

There is a sumo from the same game. About the same number of polygons. I found it funny. It take me only 2hour to model and it came out good. At the beginning the eye were model but we put them out because of artistic and technical reason. In the final they were draw on the texture.
And the last one less cuter then the first! This is an attempt at Wolverine. Ive done it completely with zsphere in Zbrush. I kinda love the proportion and the shape. Don't know why I dd int finish it. Maybe I was planning to redo it in a better way. Oh yeah now I remember... I think it is because I want him to have modelled finger and open hands!

So this is what take a end to this Valentine's day! Hope tomorrow I will have some update on the 3d nick project to show you. If you have any question about how the model were done or technical question feel free to ask!

Sam The 3d Blogger

13 February 2009

How to behave in a 3d school.

Hi! Today I wake up to much early due to a cold... it is so annoying. Since I have already check all my other stuff Ive decided to write my article this soon. As the title say I will talk you about how to behave in a 3d school or 3d graphics school. Ive already talk about how to do a good demo reel but I figure out that I should have start by the beginning :OP

So you read my last article yesterday about the top ten 3d art graphics school and you found The school you want to attempt to. Than you take the entry interview, some ask you to show them some of your previous art and portfolio and they liked what they have seen. Finally you succeed and you became a fully acknowledge 3d student. How cool! It is the best thing have done in my life so far since I begin kung fu this falls!

But now you got to go every day to that school and interact with other students. The first thing that you will realize, is that nobody is the same. Some have big ears, others long hair even some with big mouth! More in a deeply way you will realize that some are very talented or skilled and other less skilled. Some are very motivated and other doesn't seem to know why they are there. Some are better at modelling environment and other at character modelling. Some even are better at animation and other mostly girl prefer to textured :OP! Just kidding I know a lot of guy who like the texturing process including myself he he. But you know what? It take everything to make a world and it is okay. After all its all about yourself taking a 3d class that will maybe change your life.

The tricky part is that you are not an isolated island. You got to interact with other students and teachers even if you don't really get well along them. Remember the lotto ads in TV telling that you must always be kind with your friends, colleague etc because they may become the next big winners? It is kind of the same phenomenon here. You should always take in mind that the people who take the class with you are gonna be your next colleague in a video games company or would be the person to hire you. Maybe your teacher gonna be your next boss too. So this is always important to well behave in your classroom and computer labs. Further that you should always be in good term with your colleague even out of the school and in social events.

What if you are a genius at what you do or specialize but you don't give a F%*$ about helping other people or be a good team player or just don't want to socialize whit anybody at lunch time and breaks? You may be feeling good about it but chances are that you begin too be reject by the people surround by you. OK lets say that you are cold hearted and that doesn't make you blink an eye. Other will not just reject you they will not want to work with you anymore even if you are good, because you got a bad attitude. This is all the point here. A good attitude lead to be include in a good social network and to have good relationship. In the world that we're living social networking it is the most important things to have if someone want to be successful in his life and in business and work.

What if you are good but always picking on others or annoying or bullying others regarding their works and their personality in the classroom? You may say that it is no big deal since it is just in the school, that in a real job you will be a fine person. Maybe you are right but if the people hiring you is your teacher or a friend of it? Don't you think they will not talk each other about you, about how you behave in classroom? If you are always making trouble in the class maybe he will be less incline to speak well about you behaviors. Than the employers ask if you are a good team worker... oh oh I think you are done now. In fact are you a good team player is one of the question that they always ask in interviews. How do you get along with each other? Do you like to work in team? You may be a real genius in your field but video games industries and 3d art in general is all about team work. Why so? Because the project are so time consuming and laborious that is not possible anymore to do a video game in your basement like in the late eightieths or nineties.

Let me tell you a personal story here. When Ive done my 2d3d animation class in 2006, it have a girl in my class that didn't get along well with the other guys. I must say that in our class at this time they only have two girl, 3d was not really popular whit girl at this time since they are not naturally inclined to love video games but thing are changing now for the better! It is cool to work with girl and not only boys... She was always criticizing the other student, the classroom, the teachers. In team work she was very intransigent and hard with others. When we went out for lunch time each time she will say no telling that we were gonna eat crap. In fact that was true :OP. When we were out to cocktails she didn't want to come with us complaining that we were not mature and stupids... Than we slowly stop talking to her. When the teacher need some student to welcome one day visitors he will not asking her. Strangely she was not the first to be place in a company. Even in interview she seems to be picky with her future employers. We were told that one day she was in a interview for a job and then at this job they work with photoshop for 2d and 3d illustration. Beside showing a good positive attitude and telling them that it will do fine she told them that she prefer open canvas and that they should work with it. Guess what? The tell her that they should not work with her :OP

However she was an intelligent girl and she eventually realize that she should put water in her wine. But the bad was done. She got a bad reputation for a long time. One day I was in a company with two other guys who were in the same class as me and with the girl. Than the boss put a job offer and she found about it. She than contact us to ask us if we could talk in good ways for her to our bosses. I'm not a bad person and she was with no job a longtime after we finish the class and I was willing to tell a good word about her skill to the bosses. But I was less inclined to speak about how well she work in teams and that she would be a good member of our team. My two friend didn't want to work with her as well even knowing that she was good. In fact she was the most skilled in our groups.

Lets talk about me a little to finish quickly. In school I was always funny with everybody, was skilled in a sens but a hard worker for the most. Students were always seeing me stay late in the evening even after the class was done to work on my project. The result were there I always have cool things to show and good grades. They were free labs period were we could come and works with the school computer and I was often the only one to be there. The teachers than come by to see if anyone were working or to close the labs and they will see me each time sit a the same computer working over and over again. OK I'm not telling you that just to be show off. The point is that a was a good student like by most of the people except the jealous one who tough that I was getting privilege or not doing alone my stuff... So when the teacher need someone to welcome new visitor who he ask first?? You bet myself! The first job I get in the industry was as computer lab supervisor at the same school I was. The teacher already know that I was motivated and good in a lot of field and tough that I will be the best person to do the job. At this time the girl I was talking about was jealous because she knew that she was better than me... she even complain that the job was not post on any forum or job hiring website. Now talk about good connection, good contact and good relationship!

The first job I got in a video games studio was by contact. One of my friend I meet at the college work for that company. One day his boss told him that they will need a lot of 3d artist. He than contact the college. My teacher who was my boss at this time told me the jobs offer. I contact my friend and give him the link to my blog portfolio and ask him to take a look and if he like it to show it to his boss. The next is history, since he know that I was a good guy and that I love to work in 3d he was glad to introduce myself to his bosses and have good word for me...

To finish it, my ancient teacher and supervisor of the 3d department at the college often ask for ancient student to come give class to new students. It is how the wheel turn. So remember to always have good behaviors with your peer, in class and to be a hard worker. Respect that and you will mostly doing well in the industry!

Sam The 3d Blogger

12 February 2009

nick 3d wip

This is the latest update of my character that I'm currently working on. Now you see the body is mostly done except for the hand that I'm modelling now. I hate do hands. Usually I use the same hand and reuse it everywhere :OP. It seems lazy but it is something that we do in industries. I mean re-utilize what we can re-utilize to save time and money. But this time the old hands that Ive got was for a low poly character and modelled with a lot of Triangle which is not bad for video games but smooth not very well if you do High resolution model.

Ive put some color and material as well as you can see. They are not definite and are just mix map material so no UV yet and I want to do them because I so much love to do UV's!! This is totally irony here... I'm not to sure about the color maybe anyone got feedback on it? when the hands will be finish I will unwrap it, then Ill go in Z brush to make the normal maps. So stay tune for more development to comes!

Sam The 3d Blogger

the ten best 3d school and graphics school in Canada

Hi today for the benefits of those who would like to take a class in 3d art and animation Ive decided to post a list of the best school in Canada, since I'm from there :O). I have make a top ten with the number one being the best but keep in mind that it is completely subjective as I have not gone to more than one school in the list! But it is OK it have almost a good school in all the province.

1.Cyclone Arts & Technologies - 2D-3D Animation
751, cote d'Abraham
G1R 1A2
Phone: +(1) 418 522-3906
Fax: +(1) 418 877-8024

Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia/Games, Performance Animation, Animation History/Theory

It is my school!! Very good programs and a good community, it is a small college so everyone know each other. Also ancient students always came back and sometimes became teachers. Good way to learn french to. The class are given mostly in french. OK On that one a biased but I assume it.

2.Vancouver Film School
200-198 West Hastings Street
V6B 1H2
Phone: 604 685-5808
Fax: 604 685-5830

Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia/Games, Voice Acting, Performance Animation, Animation History/Theory

comments: Surely the best school in Canada for those who want to learn more about movies and cinema. They have a lot of student submission and take only the ones who are the best skilled or showing good art skill in general. Its also a little bit pricey but you should be able to receive grants and bourses from the government.

3.The Art Institute of Vancouver
3264 Beta Avenue
V5G 4K4
Phone: 604-298-5492
Fax: 604-298-5403

Character Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Multimedia/Games

comment: Don't know to much about this school but have seen a lot of students from there in forum like 3d total, zbrush and cg talk. They are very skilled.

4.National Animation and Design Centre
335, de Maisonneuve East Blvd.
H2X 1K1
Phone: +(1) 514 288-3447
Fax: +(1) 514 288-5799

Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Multimedia/Games, Animation History/Theory

comment: Probably the best school in the province of Quebec. In the old Montreal, they have nice quarter. Their students are almost all take in the video game industry when they finish the class.

5.Ontario College of Art and Design
100 McCaul Street
M5T 1W1
Phone: +(1) 800 382-6516
Fax: -

Computer Animation/Digital Art, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia/Games

6.Ottawa School of Art
Animation Certificate Program 35 George Street
K1N 8W5
Phone: (613) 241-7471
Fax: (613) 241-4391

Character Animation, Fine Art, Animation History/Theory

comment: I think you can also learn about making traditional cartoon and comic book. Also They have a nice theoretical cursus about art and how to develop way to be better. One of my friend goes there and he is very satisfied.

7.Nova Scotia College of Art & Design
5163 Duke Street
Nova Scotia
B3J 3J6
Phone: (902) 422-7381
Fax: (902) 425-2420

Computer Animation/Digital Art, Graphic Design

8.Alberta College of Art & Design
1407 14 Avenue N.W.
T2N 4R3
Phone: (403) 284-6233
Fax: (403) 289-6682

Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Fine Art, Multimedia/Games, Performance Animation, Animation History/Theory

9.Atlantica Centre for the Arts
274 Sydney Street
Saint John
New Brunswick
E2L 2M8
Phone: 1-506- 672-7625
Fax: 1-866-763-4212

Character Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art

10.College of the North Atlantic
P.O. Box 5400
A2N 2Z6
Phone: +(1) 888 982-2268
Fax: +(1) 709 643-7827

Character Animation, Graphic Design, Multimedia/Games, Distance Learning

Hope you like it, don't be mad if you are 3d student from Canada and your school is not in the list. Ive I said it is totally subjective but Ive tried to put some school from each province. Yes I know I didn't find about Manitoba but it surely have one. Anyways the big center are covert and it have a lot more school in the big center in example in the region of Vancouver Ive count at least 5 school! It is the same in Ontario. If you have any suggestion of school you want to be promoted just send me a post in the comment with the links to the website of the school or institute. Feel free also to give comment about the school Ive mentioned already, it would be cool to have feedback from ancient and existing students.

Sam The 3d Blogger


11 February 2009

Nick 3d wip

Today I will do modelling for most of the day. My last article yesterday took my juice off!:OP way to much long and beside I want to show you a little about my skills too here on that blog and put some 3d graphics content to lighten it a bit. So remember Ive post a picture of a head in one of the article down there. I'm currently working on that project right now. Originally I wanted to keep it secret until it was finish but Ive decided to show you some screenshot of the evolution of the project so far.

<---- So this is the original concept. It is so c
ool!! It is from my friend Tsib. He is a really good 2d artist. He currently work at Frima Studio (frimastudio.com). From now Ive got the head pretty much done exept for the eyes that im not too sure about and maybe Ill do it smile in zbrush because now it doesnt smile it is jsut his poker face :OP Ill show you now what Ive done.

So basically as I got only one picture of the character and not totally from the front I use this technique to understand the flow of the body a
nd the proportions of it. It is similar to the technique when you are drawing a character and begin jsut by adding circle and square just to know where you are going with it befor starting to add a lot of details.

As Im speaking I have the boots done and have begin to do the pants. I always prefer to start with the feet whenever I modelled a character. I think it is because it is the foundation the base of the character and it will influence all the rest of the body structure. Also it have some mesh benefit in this technique. Usually I like to have 6 or 8 sided legs so they can be nice and rounder. I start with a cylinder with the amount of side needed than I do the tip of the foot and rise to the knee and than the hips and finally the root. In this way the root usually connect in a nice way. Than the torso will count 16 side and the arms will be able to divide by 8 side too. In this way you should have nice loops all around the body and no triangle.

here a close-up of the face. It is what the face look in zbrush ----->

So hope you enjoy it, if you got any comments or crits or question to ask just put a comment down there. Come see often to see the evolution.

Sam The 3d Blogger


Seven tips for a Successful Interview

HI! As we have speak in the last days about how to constitute a good demo reel to please the eventual employers we also touch a little about how well present yourself as well as how to well present your 3d demo reel. So Ive found this nice little article about tips for a successful interview! It kinda resume what I was talking. Enjoy!

Tips for a Successful Interview

Author: Steve McMains

People often get nervous in the name of job interview.It does not make any sense.Interviews might seem tough but they can be made enjoyable with the right approach. An interview is a good opportunity for both the employer and the employee to judge each other.While you go for an interview remember that the employer not only looks for your academic background and your skill but the qualities that are needed for the vacant post.

Whether it is an individual interview or a group discussion try to highlight the qualities within you that will help you to stand out in the crowd.Take time to greet and answer the questions with honesty,confidence and enthusiasm.Don't be afraid. It is your chance to prove yourself so make the most of it with a few simple tips.

Dress Properly

Before going for an interview be well prepared and remember the basic things.First of all you should be dressed properly. Your look matters a lot as far as first impression is concerned.Always wear a formal dress while going for an interview. Your dress should be clean and ironed and your shoes should be polished.

Carry Several Resumes

Spend much time over resume writing as it creates the first impression.Go through the ad thoroughly and write the resume according to the requirements.When you go for an interview never forget to carry the hard copy of your resume.Always carry more than one resumes because you don't know how many rounds will be there.You might need to submit your resume more than ones.

Reach Early

If your interview time is 10 am you should reach the office at 9:50 am.You should always arrive at the interview venue 10 minutes early.It will create a good impression and show that you are punctual.It is unnecessary to say that punctuality is a quality that every organization looks for in its employees.

Know About the Company

Many of the candidates go for the interview without knowing anything about the company.This is a wrong approach.You should research about the company before the interview.Ask relevant questions to show that you show that you know the business,target market,clients,objectives and goals of the company.

Body Language

During an interview the employer not only judges your skills and capabilities but also your body language and attitude. He/she will see whether you can also contribute to the cultural environment of the company.So sit with a smiling face and your arms and legs uncrossed.Make eye contact and listen carefully what the interviewer is saying.

Ask About the Company Benefits

You don't need to hesitate to ask about the benefits offered by the company.However ask about the salary and other facilities at the end.After all you are not going to do social service.

Close the Interview with a Positive Note

Close the interview very strongly.End it with a firm handshake.Don't forget to get a business card of the employer to send him/her a thank you note.You should also let him/her know that it was a good experience for you.Your positive attitude will surely leave a good impression.

You have as much power as the employer.Believe in yourself.Follow these tips and you will find preparing for a job interview is not that tough.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/interviews-articles/tips-for-a-successful-interview-765717.html

About the Author:

Steve McMains is a media professional and writes for different online publications on media and advertising industry.For more information on journalism jobs or tv jobs he recommends you to visit http://www.mediajobmarket.com.

10 February 2009

what constitute a good 3d Demo reel part 4

HI! Today I will continue on my series of article where I lived yesterday. Than maybe you are asking your self is there something that employers want to see and something that they not want to see in a 3d demo reel? I will also talk about how to present your demo in term of media and how to approach the employers.

So lets start
with your first question. In a sens Ive already answer it in the part 2 of this series of article in which I told you example of what you should put in it if your a modeller or an animator but are they some kind of stuff to prohibits in a demo reel? Are they things that employers doesn't want to see anymore? Well this is a good question. You might surf on the net there is some article about it! But I will summarize it here for you. First still it all depend on the employers and what they do as products and two it all depend if your are exceptional at what you do. But be assure that it is very difficult to be very original and they may have thousand of people coming with the same model character as you. But again if your model is really exceptional you may put it in your demo. I suggest you to be as more original than you can if you want to stand out of the crowd.

But actually it seems that they are an unofficial list of thing not to put in a demo. Let see some of them. First the infamous flying logos! It has been countless time seen and beside that it doesn't need a big amount of talent in animation to do it. Not so convincing for an employer.

Than you may be a fan of ''Star Trek'', ''Stars Wars'' or ''Battle Stars Galactica'' and absolutely want to model guess what? Yes you re right a magnificent spaceship!! Spaceships are cool but since the popularity of the TV series and movies on the big screen in the last decade, they grow to much liked in the 3d industries... You may like your spaceship but realize that employers who watch demo just cant stand anymore watching spaceship model. Sorry if it hurt you. Chocolate is very good tasting but eat to much of it at once and you will end sick.

W.O.W or world of walking like one of my friend use to say it to me! :OP You see me coming from miles away I know it! The well known orcs!!! Since the popularity of the world of Warcraft series of games it seem every beginner in the 3d want to model his own orc and guess what they love it so much that they put it in their demo as well. But chance are that your orc is not enough bad ass since you still a beginner so it can impress employers. Beside take in account that Blizzard apart how many company have game with orcs in it? Maybe Warhammer... OK maybe you can tell me 2, 3 or 5 company in the world but these company are the best and they took the best artist to work with them and guess what! Yeah they receive thousand of orcs by day. Are you good enough to stand out the crowd? Also take in account that the company where you may have your first interview don't have anything to do with a artist who model orcs.

Let me tell you a personal story here... The first job I get in a company of video games was in a company who do games for young girl aged of 8 to 12 years old. Not really the kind of jobs I was aiming for or dreaming of at the beginning but hey! you got to works. In the demo I show them I have a bad ass warrior barbarian like model in zbrush and 3ds max. You could see it at this link:

I was really proud of it and still I am :OP The director of the studio and the producer who receive the demo were amazed by my model and it open the doors for me. After that they send me to the Art director and to the lead artist. Both watch my demo and find it very good as they said to me but they didn't focus on the barbarian except to tell me that it have some minor proportion problem and to ask me how long it took me to do. Question to which Ive get a little shy to answer since it took me a fairly good amount of time to finish. At this time I was not the fastest modeller in town to make it short.

In the demo I also had a Pixar like incredible character who was very cool but they hook on the only two girl that I have never model till now!! The first is on my demo reel you remember the girl with the pink hair and the other was a kind of little witch made in Zbrush. She was cute but the modelling was awful and the proportion not to well. But they did focus on it .Why? The answer is simple just because they were doing little girl games. They didn't care about an artist who could just do big bad ass character and orcs... So it take us back to my last article where I said that you must know what the products of the companies your applying are so you can adapt yourself to it.

In my demo I also put a motorcycle . It is a Honda cbr rr if I recall well. One of my teacher could tell it just having see it one time. A couple year ago a lot of demo from student have a Bike or a car in it. It was not a bad idea because a car or a bike is kind of a mix between organic and hard surface modelling. If you do it well it is a great asset for your demo because it show that you have great skills in modelling. But now the employers seem to be tired of seeing cars and bike. It toke me a whole month to model mine and in the first interview that I got they just pass over it without any comments I was SO sad! :OP

Other thing that you may consider its to put your character in pose not the usual boring ''T'' pose. The benefits to put the character in pose is that it show if it deform,well, and if it deform well it is because you are great at doing mesh. Also it gives personality to your character. Finally you may not want to copy an already known design. Try to be original and create your own. It is also usual to put the statistics of the model: the number of polygons, the size of the texture, the software you use.

Also some line of tough tend to tell that if your a modeller you may just focus on modelling and not texture or pose your model. But as I was been told it is better to show good all around skills. The last Lead Artist that Ive got was in the industry for almost 10 years. He use to tell me that he better like to see a poor model textured and in pose than a poor model not even textured and not posed . Because at least it show that you may not be a god modeler but you know enough to unwrap , pose your character and do the lighting. Maybe you could have just plain grey shader model in ''T'' pose and it show that you have great skills but if they are searching for jack-of-all-trades than they might prefer a less skilled guy or just asking you to do some test which is nerve breaking and annoying and in finish your not so sure of being hired. It is much I got to say about what or not put in your demo. You may find other article on the web who are more exhaustive about it.

Lets finish quickly about how to present your demo reel to employers. Now you know how to constitute your demo. What to put in it and what not to put in it and how to present your pieces. Now lets talk about the format of it and the media. In example a media could be a website, a blog, a movie, a DVD, a CD, a portfolio in paper etc.

A DVD is a good way to do it. Except that you may have the trouble to go give it in person or to post it which may occur in fees. In person is a good way because you get a first contact whit the employers. If you are well dress, clean etc you may do a good lasting first impression. The employer may even remind you when they see your demo reel or even look at it whit you if they have time.

Remember you should always contact them before go and get in their office. They are extremely busy people. Take a rendez-vous to tell them that you want to gives them your new demo reel. Try to set an interview before. Also if you do a DVD then try to give them the box with a nice covers and put a stickers on the DVD. Don't just give them a plain CD or DVD with a marker writing on it. Try to look professional as it show that you take that to serious.

What I personally use and that I would suggest you is a website or a blog or a video host ed somewhere easy to see. I'm currently using a blog where I put all my image and videos so it is much easier when I apply to a job. Also it is easy to manage. When Ive done a pieces of art I just post it on my blog and my latest post is on the top. Usually my latest post is my better piece of arts so it make good impression to the viewers and they can browse down to see the evolution of my arts. In this way they see that I'm always working and upgrading myself in the field and that is a good point.

If you do a movie than host it where it is easy to see and where you don't lose to much quality in compression. It is particularly important if your demo is full of 3d high rise still. You want them to be as clear as possible to reflect your work. The Internet way is a good way because when applying you send a email to their job application links or email. In this mail you attach your resume and a letter of introduction in which you present yourself and tell how you have hear of the company and what you could do for them. Than in the mail you just say go see this links it is where my portfolio or demo reel is host. Than you finish by thanking them and assuring them that you,re at their disposition if they want to do an interview to talk more about your stuff. Bingo it is so much easier in this way!

So finally this is what take a end to this series of article talking about demo reel. I didn't know in the beginning that it will be so long but I hop it could help some of you to ligth up their mind about the subject. I'm open to any comments and question so don't be shy! Bye see you tomorrow!

Sam The 3d Blogger