17 February 2009

How to use zsphere in Zbrush to do a cute and scary little character!

Hi this morning I didn't know what to talk about as I have no upgrade to show on the infamous Nick 3d project except dull UV unwrap... which are not even finish yet. I have to kick my butt to do it this afternoon :OP

So I take a look to my portfolio blog and came across this little fella that I did in February 2007. So this is two years ago. Ive done it in zbrush 2 at this time. Have done it near the Valentine's Day and I wanted to do a cute little character to give to a girlfriend but it turn up a little weird :OP

This little rabitosaurus like I call it is entirely done in zbrush 2 with zsphere. The materials and the render are from zbrush too. At this time I was experimenting with the power of rendering within zbrush because I didn't know how to do normal map yet.
Now that I know it kinda give me an idea... I could redo something the same but with normal map and fast skin shader. It could be very cool.

When I saw it Ive said to myself that I could do a little tutorial to explain a little bit about the zsphere, one of the most powerful tool of zbrush. When Ive open my zbrush I saw a button name movie. In this panel you could create turntable which I already know and you can record yourself too so you can make little tutorial :OP.

So this is a little movie showing how to model with zsphere. Don't know why it is so fast.... It is not me who is that fast in modelling... But it is a quicktime movie so I guess you can go frame by frame to see it properly. It is just a little doodle it take me 10 minute to produce. If you like it I could do better stuff in the future. If you got any question on how to do the same according to zsphere or the movie in itself dont be shy and post a comment!


Doug Springer said...

Whoa I didn't know zbrush as a built-in screen capture. That's cool!
Thanks for the Tut Sam. I will try a zsphere modeling project one of these days. I like the pink backlight on your render. Really adds a nice touch. I think the scariest thing about the bunny is its belly button. Looks kinda like a nipple. :)

Anonymous said...

lolol I guess I had a fetish about nipple! Anyway sorry the movie is very fast. Hope you can upload it somewhere and take your time.