22 February 2009

Good Sunday Morning!

Hi everyone! Just a little word to takes everybody who follow me directly or by rss. I'm about to reach the 1000 page impressions since a start this blog. I am pretty happy of it, that show it is beginning to grow! The week-end I'm never to much into 3d arts but this week Ill try to write a good article by day so you can enjoy it more.

Right now on the Nick 3d Project except for little things to correct and the belt to do in zbrush, I'm almost done with the sculpting. Next stage will be to generate the normal map for all the pieces and maybe reexport all the low subdivision in 3ds max if needed. Originally I planned to use the original meshes of 3ds max but I don't know yet if the mesh is not to different now... I should have use the store morph target button. In this way he should have remain the same. What happen with zbrush is that if you subdivide the mesh and you got the smooth button on the way the algorithm works is that it smooth also the first subdivision. The result is that when you came back in example from the 6Th level to the first it kinda smooth the mesh in reverse to... Don't know really why but it is what it do. So Zbrush have now the store morph target...
If any have question on how Ive modelled some details please feel free to ask. Ill may do a small tutorial or video to show how I do it this week.

Here is an other project that Ive done in November 2007. It is a warhammer priest. Ive done it with a reference sketch that Ive found on the warhammeronline site. It is the first model that I heavily use Zbrush to put detail on the mesh. I kinda use the same technique as for the Nick 3d project. I used separated piece so I could put more detail in each one and each pieces have their own texture. Also As I'm not so good at rigging it is easier in this way to put it in a cool stance. However at this time I was using Maya
and my computer doesn't want to generate the render for the character because it was to heavy so I manage to put all the pieces together in Zbrush and do a Zbrush render. Now I'm using 3ds max and the normal map seems to work better and easier in 3ds max for me so I will be able to do a nice render in mental ray.

So that's it for now I may send you some update this afternoon on the Nick 3d project. Stay tune and thanks again for the following!

Sam The 3d Blogger

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