18 February 2009

Cake Mania: In The Mix!

Good Morning!

This morning I receive a email from a friend of mine giving me a link to the review of a game we both work on. The game is call ''Cake Mania: In The Mix!'' Maybe you already heard about it if you got young daughter's or nieces. Here is the link to some review of the game:


The grade for the graphics are not excellent but decent. I mainly work on the pre-rendered scene interiors and on the character modelling. The Doctor , the penguin, the sumo, the alien human head etc. Ive done I think 17 character for the games but they are not all still in the game ! :OP Once you get use to modelled character it goes well in fast. Usually I was starting with the same base mesh depending on the morphology of the character. Often it was the Doctor`s mesh that I use.

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