8 February 2009

Dominance war IV: massive art challenge online

HI! This morning when I open my hotmail account, Ive found that I receive a news from the CG Society. This is one of the biggest website and forum about 2d and 3d graphics art in the world. I don't know why I tell you about that you must already Know it :OP!!

Anyways in this website you can found a lot of goodies and most of all see portfolio of fabulous artist who do cg art in 2d and 3d. If you are a beginner I would recommend you to often go see what others are making not to compare yourself but to higher your goal and expectation. Its a matter of facts, you want to jump 2 meter away then you will land only at 1,50m... you should try to focus on jumping a 2,50 than you mostly will get to 2m.... Yeah I Know sound a little esoteric but it works! In definitive raise your goal you will surely land higher that if you focus on lower goal or no goals at all. Concretely see what good artist better than you do and try to understand how they do it and focus on achieving similar result. What is good about that site its that people gives comment about other artist works and artist often gives indication on about how they achieve their image.

But its not the most important! The mail was about the arrival of the new annual Dominance war IV challenge! The challenge will start the 20 February 2009 It is a challenge held on many forum about game characters. Each member of each forum compete between them and each forum against them too. But the cool things is that you can post some of your wip and ask for help and advice between the course of the challenge. Basically you got to do a character who could fit in a mythical and mystical universe at war, where they are several cast, guild, race etc... You got to define what type of character you will do , how he will defend itself and which weapon he will carry. Usually they are rule to made the character but they are not yet revealed as the contest is not begin yet. But in the past year they was restriction like no more than one element type, color, etc Technically it have rule like which format of texture you must use, how much map you could applied to your character, the number of polygons etc... Basically the character must be a part of a next gen games. So he must in a sens be playable and run in a engine. They will talk about it in their rules how to respect that.

You could win cash prizes. In fact it have more than 10 000 in us cash prize add to interview in magazines and some marginals profits. But take it as a way to learn and work in the same times with great artist as they will post on their respective forum some of their breakthrough process. I recommend you to go to this link to read more about that fabulous event that will going on in this next month!


Go ahead and try it! When you push yourself trough limitation it often bring the best of you as you focus on respecting the rules you will have to be more efficient to achieve what you want. It is a great way to understand what a job as a 3d artist is in a video game company. I may enter it myself too depending on the free time I got.

So this is all for now. I'm leaving because I go see the new movie ''Push the division'' who play at the theater in about one hour. After that I will continue on my what constitute a good 3d demo reel articles.

Sam The 3d Blogger


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