20 February 2009

Nick 3D Project is going fine!

Hi everybody! So today I work a lot on the Nick 3d project. I have almost done the zbrush sculpting part. So far I think it looks cool. It is the first time that I use zbrush to add so much detail on a character or object. Usually zbrush would crash but don't know why with this one nothing happen yet so I'm touching woods. Each part are separated sub tools that I will do a normal map and a cavity map of them. The sub tool are approximately 400 000 to 600 000 each so I could put a good amount of details on them. As you can see the left side is not yet sculpted but It is because I'm just gonna duplicate the rigth part and mirror them before exporting them to 3ds max.

It has been awhile since I didn't post anything on the zbrush forum because I
got no time to do zbrush model and I was not so proud of the works done but I think I gonna try with it to see if it got any good feedback. As usual crit's and comment's are welcome here too so don't be shy to post a comment below! I put back the concept here so you can easily see where I'm going. It is not perfectly similar but I had to go with the flow and let myself express in the process.

Sam The 3d Blogger

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