2 March 2009

Good Morning!

Hi! So this my first march post today. Soon it will be a month that I'm posting on this post :O) time goes fast!

To begin the week in beauty I got a news from the 3d world magazine. It seem that Pixar may start to works on a sequel to the famous Monster inc movie. According to my source.... (The 3d world magazine forum on facebook :OP) Director Pete Docter has announced that he may return to the city of \"Monstropolis\" for a sequel to “Monsters Inc\". Since Docter is preoccupied with the most recent Pixar film \"UP\" and with release approaching, he was proud to mention that there may be a possible 2013 release of Monster Inc 2.

Here it is what seem to be the next Logo of the movie... apparently.

Also my friend Martin Kearney just post today on Facebook a tutorial about the pelting tool. It is not himself who done it but Ive decided to put it on my blog as it could help a lot of people who are struggling at unwrapping uvs.

As for me today I will continue the Nick 3d project a little this afternoon and will try to come out with some more complete render of it for tomorrow. But today I got to study for my kung fu test this evening so I'm a little bit stress, but it will surely go fine.

Stay tune for more developments by the week.

Sam The 3d Blogger


Anonymous said...

This is a great feature!

For those without 3DS Max, Blender has a very similar feature, albeit less interactive.

I use Blender to UV Map my models from Maya, before they are sculpted in ZBrush.


Hi! Im Sam :O) said...

Thanks sir for the comment1 Ive seen that many use blender only for unwrapping uv it seem to work very well too! Thanks for the links too. Come see us again!