5 March 2009

Just a little update!

Hi! I'm waiting for a render so I figure I could write a little post just too keep you in touch.

Yesterday Ive mainly finish the texture for all the parts except for the eyes which I most redo. I'm still searching for a good material to use... So far it didn't give the realistic look that I want. I will have to go search for tutorial.

Also last night Ive done the rigging and start the skinning
but I encounter some problem and as I said on twitter skinning and rigging is not my favorite parts and the parts where I'm the better at. The whole body seems to be fine but the boots are problematic and the hands.... But for the hands maybe I was just to tired to do them correctly. The trouble with the boots is that they have rigid and smooth part.. So some most be flexible but not be able to deform according to the calf and other according to the foot. Ive tried a lot of different way to skin but with no concluing result so far. But I did realize that I should have separate the hard part in different pieces. So this is what i was doing this afternoon. I finish to separate them in example now the boots are form of a knee pad a shin pad and a shoe. It seem that it will work fine because I will skin the knee pad on the calf at 50% and on the leg at 50% too and the shin pad to the pad at 100% and the shoe to the feet bone at 100 also. So each will move according his one bone without deforming.

It might not be the regular ways... Ive seen some rigging demo that really kick ass but from now as long as I'm able to put it in a nice pose Ill be glad. Remember Ive said that I wanted this project to be finish by Friday afternoon! :OP I'm still in the race but don't know if Ill be able to beat the clock! It still remain the eyes and maybe a belt and a helmet according to the original sketch and the lighting and rendering process... I guess I shouldn't lose time in writing here but anyway I got to change my mind from time to time!

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