17 March 2009

Happy St-Patrick day!

Yeah! I'm back in town since yesterday evening. Hope this week will be productive. I work a lot last night to finish the Nick 3d project.... Yeah I know it was supposed to be done about 2 weeks ago... I'm kinda disappointed about it but now it is really about to be finish. I wanted to finish it last Tuesday but my bro came out to soon to take me. Result I didn't had the time to do what I was planning.

Last night have finish the pose and begin to work on the lighting more. It is getting well. I will do the other pass today and tomorrow hopefully I will be able to post it and than to post my resume to company. I definitely need a good job hehe.

Ive done a Leprechaun for the game cake mania last years and I wanted to show it to you as a St-Patricks day gift but instead I will show you Yu Ching Bob... A Japanese Irish sumo who like play bagpipes and drink Sake!

Sam the 3d blogger

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