12 March 2009


Hi! this is probably my last post here for about about 5 or 6 days. Im going on a little travel this weekend. Im leaving this evening. I will have an access to internet so I may came write a little something in a couple of days who knows!:OP

Regarding the Nick 3d project.... lol it is mainly finish... Just need to redo a beauty shot and do a zdepth + a occulision pass. Composite all them in photoshop to make a beautiful final image! I will do that this afternoon right after this message befor my ride came take me. After that byebye the time consumming project hehe.
I may post the final result befor I leave in a couple of hour.

Ive just met a new friend on twitter. He own a very i
nteresting website where he post video tutorial about modelling and give them for free. Hehe is well-known for helping new artist. His name is Glen Southern. You can check his work at this website:


Go take a look it have a very nice Minotaur tutorial! I was planning to doing one someday maybe I took his way.

Sam the 3d blogger

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