19 March 2009

At least it is done! SO this is the final render of the Nick 3d project. Gosh I tought I will never finish it.... But yeah now it is done :O).

It is not technically perfect. I realize as posting it that Ive made some mistakes and things that I should have done better... But anyway I did learn a lot for this project from the sss skin shader to the normal map in zbrush, rigging and skinning as well as lighting. My next project will inherits from this one for sure.

Usually I post a view with the wire frame on the textured character to show the base mesh topology. It show also where the actual modelling finish and where the normal maps begins. I wanted to do it for this one but except for the main body the mesh is not so low res so I tought whats the point beside looking cool for showing an hi res topology... This one of the mistake I have done I should have not use mesh smooth on the boots and on the arms but I wanted a hi res look and no edgy side on the silhouette.

So this is the end at least for this one. Don't want to work on it anymore. Tomorrow Ill post a version on it on cg talk and on the zbrush central forum. Hope to have some nice crits and comments :OP

ps: just click on the image to see it full size!

Sam the 3d blogger


Doug Springer said...

Nice work! Are you showing all the texture? I can't pick out the breastplate texture with the red and green jewels. I can't figure out what the glove texture is supposed to be. The dude's face needs to look tougher in my opinion. I really like the dull shine on the upper torso, and the color pallet is well balanced. I'm looking forward to your next project!

Hi! Im Sam :O) said...

Thanks Doug for the comments! The red n green jewel were meant to be tiny light with glow but it didn't have work well. The breast plate is what I dislike the most in it.... As for the glove they are suppose to be leather with iron stud. For the face well,,, it is the face of a friend of me :OP