23 March 2009

Monday March 23,, the week that I will gain a job!

Hi fellows blogger!

Another week begin, today I'm pretty joyful as I receive some good news about job opportunity yesterday.
My mom phone me to tell me that my grandmother had a meeting with a woman which is son work for a big video game company here in Quebec city. She told him that I was looking for a job and he told her that they will need a lot of 3d artist soon so we should start posting or resume right now. Needless to say that this is what I should have done if I had not post my resume and portfolio already since last Tuesday :OP

This a company that back in November told me that they should call me at the beginning of 2009... So I had given them time to start their project and to call me, by this time Ive worked on my newest project. But since November I still didn't receive news from them but hope this time Ill get an answer fast.

I am somewhat confident on the new stuff I got on my portfolio. Beside it the Nick 3d project is getting a decent quote on cgtalk. But I'm kinda disappointed for the time it have took me to achieve it didn't turn as spectacular that I expect but it is my most achieve character so far so I guess it is fine like that.

Now I don't know if I will start already a new project... Ive planned to do another character but way much simpler but don't know if it would be more productive to start an environment as it has been three months since the last that Ive done... I'm waiting for extra cash to come and want to buy a new screen, mine is way to dark and cannot be lighten more. This is why my work can seems sometimes to light and with not enough contrast so it kinda bug me to start already a new scene...

But anyway stay tune this week as I will give you update about my getting a job process. I want also to write some more technical article about texture and map and also about lighting and rendering.

Sam the 3d blogger

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Nelson said...


Cool blob you have here.

I got into 3D imaging for a graphic novel I started. I am very much a newbie at it still and use mainly Daz Studio.

Good luck on landing the new job.