20 March 2009

Steamnocchio Tutorial !

Hi! Just a little post today as one of my friend send me a link to a very cool tutorial. This is the tutorial of the Steamnocchio by Fabricio Moraes. This picture is his final result. You may have seen it on cgtalk already.

He won
the Individual Image Master Award in CGSociety's 'Steampunk: Myths and Legends' CGChallenge
. This picture is fantastic and beside it when you read the tutorial you see that it is somehow simple to do. I guess it is where talent and skills came in the equation :OP

here is the link to this tutorial by Fabricio Moraes:


I wanted to take a little break from 3d as my latest project is done but seeing this it makes me wants to dive into another project really soon! Very inspiring !!


Sam the 3d blogger

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RealSpace said...

Wicked. When you are good you can make it look easy.