6 March 2009

almost finish!

Somehow I manage to do a nice render last night. However talking with a friend about the trouble Ive got regarding rigging and skinning he offer me to take a look at it. I had trouble with the hand and was not able to close them properly and he see why. Also I had trouble with the legs and he found that it was because the clavicul was to much on the side of the legs... These are all stuff that I don't know to much about, at my former studio I was the one modelling the character and he with another guy were the one rigging and skinning so they have much experience in that than me. But it is okay everyone may specialized in wich they like the most.. I understand tought that I may have to do it properly in a next company and it sad when you are not able to put in a nice pose your own character...

My friend specialized himself in animation and he is very good at it. He is also a very good technical guy and a good 3d artist. Go see his portfolio ---->


So this is what it look so far, all textured except for the eyes I kept them for the end. It is not the definitive stance. My friend offers me to do me a nice rigging and I will have to redo the skinning. In definitive I don't think I'm gonna finish it before 5 o'clock, but it will be for the good as the result will be better.

I kinda like the lighting but I will work that a little bit much. I want to add some reddish and more blue color to it... I will also boost a little bit more mental ray as it is at a low setting now. When Ill finish it I will post it on zbrush central and on cgtalk, so you will be please to put some comments and crits as usual! :O)

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iCronos4 said...

Great work! Can't wait to see the final! Like your blog!