9 March 2009

Monday, monday,,,

So good to me,,, Oh Monday morning... LOL

Another weeks begin! This week there is no escape I definitely must finish the Nick 3d project. I didn't succeed at finishing it last Friday because I wanted to redo the skinning and rigging. Ive decided to give me another weeks because anyway I'm going on a trip Friday for three or four day so I didn't want to be bother if a company call me for an interview next Monday!

Anyway stay tune this week because Ive tought about a couple of subject I want to talk you about as how to behave in a company, how to do specular bloom without specular bloom in max and possibly in Maya etc...

Its been awhile since I didn't write a good article but now the inspiration is return. I wanted to write one today but I think I'm mainly going to focus on finish this damn project! :OP I'm so hasty to begin my next project Ive learn a lot whit this one. Ive got some nice idea I want to try. First another character and than a new environment.

Have a nice week and stay tune!

Sam the 3d blogger


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