27 March 2009

Just teapotizing!

Just a little test that I'm doing this week. Ive saw a beautiful render and it was said that the person use mental ray arch design material. These material are optimized for mental ray. I use mental ray a lot in my last project, but never with the expected result. In fact It was like if I have a car with a powerful engine needing Diesel to work properly and I was feeling it with unleaded gas.. No wonder why it doesn't work as well as I wanted.

When you work with mental ray if you want the best result you must use the tool optimized for mental ray. This include the material obviously but also the lights. Mr lights with ray traced shadows are mean to be use for mental ray. Just like the architectural mats... Beside it you don't really have to edit them to make them look good.

The only bad point is that depending on the quality of the render you want and of final gather it take a fair amount of time to render... This one about 400X 300 took about 4 minutes. But in the end you get a very photo realistic render... I guess it all finish where you want to put your priority.

Sam the 3d blogger


Anonymous said...

Impressive work!

-Fesmire on Twitter

Hi! Im Sam :O) said...

thanks a lot!

vsPiotr said...

nice, but 4 min is a bit long for that res. What are your settings?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great and very useful. Which program are you using? Papervision?