3 March 2009

Coloration almost done!

Yeah at least it is going somewhere now... I work late yesterday on the Nick 3d project I want to finish it very soon! The deadline should be Friday afternoon. I want to apply for a job next week. I think it gonna be a great asset for my portfolio.

Right now it only left the boots to texture. I think I'm gonna do to one for each boot. I kinda like it like this with one with no paint... It give it a used look or like he change part of his outfit from time to time. Ah yes it still left the gaunt but It wont be too long as I didn't generate map for them. I think it will be just a plain leather texture.

Here a shot that I made before going to bed just for the fun to see how it looks with more dramatics lighting.

So stay tune, As I will surely post other render and show the lighting and composition process. And Oh yeah I still forgot about the rigging thing.... Like unwrapping uv's it is something that I so much like.... Irony...:OP

Sam the 3d blogger

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