16 January 2015

The sword in the stone!

At least Ive done some environment. Ive done the basemesh of the sword in 3dsmax and I sulpt finer detail in zbrush. I wanted to try the hdsculpt more in depth. The stone is enterely made in zbrush modelling and texture with photoshop help. I render it in toolbag 2,06 with the IBL system of hdri image.It help a lot to get a good mood and accurate lighting, Finally I tweak the image in photoshop.
And for those who want to know I even use some zbrush fibermesh for the grass.

Here's  a closest shot of Excalibur. We can see more of the finer detail Ive sculpted on it, Ive tried dDo quixel suite for this render.It gave really nice result. Now Im in the process to learn more how it works.

Again with toolbag experiment Ive use the female head I made for my bikini pin up girl. Eperimenting the rendering capacities of marmoset,maps and material. I think it getting more and more realistic,..

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