1 October 2014


This week Ive decided to try marmoset toolbag 2. I never really try the first one either. A friend of mine, the couple of last times Ive put render on my wall, keep asking me if I was using marmoset. Telling me that it will really help me.  I figured I give it a try. So I just done a basic alien torso in zbrush and generate a couple of map. I didnt put to much effort in the process because I just wanted to try the rendering setup of marmoset. I was not too sure at first but I think it came out really cool. I like the  ''quality'' film feel to it. Like it could came from a movie screenshot. 

I like how the neck look. The face is not to bad either but obviously the shape are really rough. It gives me idea for next project. Still in the learning process too. Hope you enjoy it.

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Do you dip your models in CA glue? I'd like to send you a sample of Odorless CA, called Starbond, if you're interested. Please email me your shipping address. jane@starbond.com