3 February 2015

La dame du lac

Hi this is an image ive done in zbrush and rendered in Toolbag.  Ive use an image from the comic ''excalibur chronique'' as reference.. I wanted to recreate the feel and the tone of the image but with my own touch. 

I put a little bit of ',true detective in the process too with the horn. The comic relate heavely on celtic lore and there is the god Cernunos who transform in a deer too. So it's a mix of  both influence's. 

Im also trying to learn some color correction tricks in photoshop at the same time. Ive reused the sword from my last project too. I spend also a lot of time trying hair solution with zbrush wich I end using fibermesh. Gladly I could use the digital tutors 72hours course free. Ive follow a fibermesh hair tutorial and a zbrush modelling  tutorial master class wich a greatly recommand. Not perfect but I like the overall final result. Hope you like it guys!.


Ive decided to make a more close-up shot to better show the face and the finer detail. I changed a little bit the composition and the style of the image.

16 January 2015

The sword in the stone!

At least Ive done some environment. Ive done the basemesh of the sword in 3dsmax and I sulpt finer detail in zbrush. I wanted to try the hdsculpt more in depth. The stone is enterely made in zbrush modelling and texture with photoshop help. I render it in toolbag 2,06 with the IBL system of hdri image.It help a lot to get a good mood and accurate lighting, Finally I tweak the image in photoshop.
And for those who want to know I even use some zbrush fibermesh for the grass.

Here's  a closest shot of Excalibur. We can see more of the finer detail Ive sculpted on it, Ive tried dDo quixel suite for this render.It gave really nice result. Now Im in the process to learn more how it works.

Again with toolbag experiment Ive use the female head I made for my bikini pin up girl. Eperimenting the rendering capacities of marmoset,maps and material. I think it getting more and more realistic,..

29 October 2014

A story of alien, whales and beauty...

A whale Ive done for a school project for my stepdaughter. Modeled in zbrush in a couple of hour last night. I render it in marmoset toolbag 2.

Alien in disguise

 The same alien as my latest post. Done to learn marmoset and some zbrush feature more in depth. Kinda a joke for halloween coming.
This one is a close-up of the head I use on my latest woman project. Im praticing marmoset render too with the skin shader. I think the skin mat is going in the right direction.

1 October 2014


This week Ive decided to try marmoset toolbag 2. I never really try the first one either. A friend of mine, the couple of last times Ive put render on my wall, keep asking me if I was using marmoset. Telling me that it will really help me.  I figured I give it a try. So I just done a basic alien torso in zbrush and generate a couple of map. I didnt put to much effort in the process because I just wanted to try the rendering setup of marmoset. I was not too sure at first but I think it came out really cool. I like the  ''quality'' film feel to it. Like it could came from a movie screenshot. 

I like how the neck look. The face is not to bad either but obviously the shape are really rough. It gives me idea for next project. Still in the learning process too. Hope you enjoy it.

14 September 2014

Pin-up girl

Hi this is my latest work that I've done. Basemesh with zsphere in zbrush. Posed and textured in zbrush and photoshop.  Image rendered in mental ray and  composited in Photoshop. Hope you like it. It took me a couple of month in spare times. Ive rushed a lot on the hair because I wanted to use solution like hair farm and hair fur but it didnt work well for me on this project because I wanted a particular style. Ive modeled the hair and came out with this style. The skin is done with sss fast skin in 3ds max. thanks, comments are welcome!

31 March 2014


Heavy built gladiator in a power stance. Sculpt in zbrush. Textured in both zbrush and photoshop. Rendered in mental ray 3ds max.

14 October 2013

Just revisiting a previous character that Ive done a couple years ago.

13 September 2013

Zbrush Demohead use some texture!

This is a little excercise done to practice texturing, lighting and rendering in zbrush. Ive just wanted to not loose too much time on modelling for this one. The red one is the original base model who came within zbrush. I wanted to know how far I could bring it.